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Black Catz Xmas Party...

...was a lot of fun!

Got there at about 10:15, all dressed up in my black satin corset, pvc miniskirt and bra, fishnets and boots with buckles on...put my hair up halfway and did the usual makeup...little 'Death' curl...nothing special.

There were balloons all over the dancefloor...everytime one burst I squealed...Lawrence did a lot of bursting, as did Emma in her very pointy heels...

Met up with wildgift93, Clara (stagehand at theatre) and her friends, some trannies I know, sadiecakes and co., matthewnorth, strangepixel, missbumpkin, (it was a bit of an lj convention really...), alienfox was there too, looking 7ft tall in his cyber gear and fabulous as ever...

Spoke to lots of other people I know there too...too many names to mention, and we sat and drank and danced and smoked and I thoroughly enjoyed myself...

Danced far far too much...used Foxy as a pole, perv-danced with the 7ft alienboy out of sheer stupidity...Emma and I did all the stupid piss-take moves to 'Temple of Love' and 'More' etc etc, crossing the floor at strategic intervals and synchronised mirrored arm waving to 'Laura' and other such opportunities...

At one point, Emma and I probably didn't leave the dancefloor for about 30-40 superb track after another after another after another... Bauhaus, Sisters, The Nephilim, The Mission, The Cult, Love and Rockets, Siouxsie... I could go on and lists like my favourite compilations...

(could this have something to do with the fact that Lah copied a lot of my compilations? lol!)

Was briefly chatting to a chap called David...he plays the violin and also used to play the 'cello...but it was far far too noisy in there and hard to hear what ANYONE was saying. He left at 2am anyway. wildgift93 was the chocolate fairy and brought a big box of 'celebrations'...which surprisingly lasted till nearly 2am! (tho I still have a lot in my bag hehe)

So far as undesirable attention goes...some weird old guy in a WETSUIT (closest he could get to a rubber fetish???) was staring at me, sadie and wildgift all bloody night...eeeep!!

I stood on the platform with 3 other girls and did the 'Timewarp' full stage mode...the voices, the movements...the lot...twas cheesy fun...and I'd already drunk 3 bottles of Smirnoff Black by then...back on the girly drinks, as bitter is too much to handle in a corset... I wasn't all that drunk tolerance seems to have increased somewhat lately...

At the end of the night, we all said our goodbyes and etceterate arrived to take myself and wildgift93 home, both of us bemoaning the tightness of our corsetry when sitting in the car...and desperate to get out of them once safely inside.

Which I did. Thankfully I'm getting better at escaping from corsetry alone...and took myself off to bed about half an hour later.

I've lost my voice nearly, and have a slight cold, so I had to cancel playing my role in the show this afternoon...Mal is doing it for me (the other cast GV)...perhaps she can do my last show on Tuesday night too, as I haven't made any arrangements for being late for work...oops!

This means my last show will be Tuesday afternoon...panto-wise...

After new year (which I am spending with wildgift93, etceterate, sadiecakes and co) my first Weird Cabaret meeting is Jan 14th, to do a show on Feb 1st...and then weekly rehearsals/devise sessions for shows on the 14th and 21st March.

It never stops lol!!

Ok, off to get a drink...yummy licorice/cinnamon/egyptian spice Yogi Tea and lots of garlic bread...stave off that stupid cold!!

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