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There must and shall be aspirin. If I do not have aspirin, I shall die!!

Didn't wake up till nearly 3pm I'd been up until 4am, somewhat drunk and hyperactive on a cheesecake sugar high...playing with my new chair, and leaving trackmarks all over the carpet as I 'drove' it the tv and back again...over to the heater and back...back to the tv to pick up my cigarette lighter and take it back to the desk etc etc...

Next thing I want is an electric motor for it so my legs don't have to do the walking while I'm sat in's so damn comfy and leather and black!!!


Got a lift over to wildgift93's house at 5pm after spending an hour arsing around in netgoth irc...had a couple of very strong rum and cokes...yum yum I love rum!!!...and exchanged presents.

I gave her a 'Divine' toiletries bag with nail polish and creams and stuff in, and a Bela Lugosi painting I'd done in B&W gouache...

I was given a hanging cloth bat basket full of marshmallows by Jake and Clover (the dog and kitty respectively), and some fantastic 'Nosferatu' (Werner Herzog) Vampire's Blood Incense which smells absolutely gorgeous and two really lovely Miss Mary collectors edition glasses...which I shall be drinking all my red wine from in the future!!

We got hit by a nasty thunderstorm right overhead...well not actually hit, but it was very very close...I had some snacks and bites to eat, and we settled down to watch 'Withnail and I'.

What a great film that is...I do love it very much...and unfortunately, do sometimes identify with Withnail...the drunken arty decadence, the trouble with getting theatre work and an agent I had in Liverpool, quoting 'the duke' and screaming at the 'matter' in the sink hehe...and the current alcohol consumption...tho I'm not THAT bad and WILL NOT stretch to lighter fluid or improper usage of Deep Heat lol!!

After which we watched a lot of the Simpsons...classic episodes...

And discussed plans for Amsterdam at the end of February!! wildgift93 and I are going to go together for 4 days and spend the time at the Van Gogh gallery and in coffee shops with Jazz cigarettes hehe!

I got a taxi home just now...very tired and in need of bed after a lovely relaxing evening:)

On a more personal level (sorry guys, it relates to the title of this post)...unfortunately, as SHOULD have been evident to myself with my up and down behaviour yesterday, I have been struck down with 'the curse'...bloody typical timing as ever!!

I shall still be lacing myself into my fetish gear and black satin corset to go out tommorrow night tho lol...but better get some rest in the meantime!!

So Shadrach, Meshach and To-bed-we-go!!

(If you never went to Sunday School you probably won't get that lol)

Which Historical Lunatic Are You?
From the fecund loins of Rum and Monkey.

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