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I came, I saw, I ate...I went home. (Otherwise entitled 'No Room For Pudding!')

I'm back at home now...sanctum...

Went to the parents at 12:30 this morning, having only been awake half an hour and had to face a huge turkey dinner...with sausages, stuffing, potatoes, know the deal...basically a massive meat breakfast.

Had a glass of wine and no room for pudding at the table in the dining room, while my sister and I had to pull crackers, read crap jokes and grimace for dad's camera whilst Nat King Cole's 'Christmas Classics' droned in the background...

Then into the front room for civilized giftage...sitting next to the piano (we have a boudoir grande in the living room which doubles as a music room when the pupils are here and you have to either sit in the kitchen/breakfast room, or go in the dining room where the computer and the upright piano are...)

Got my dad Port and sister also got him a large bottle of he's happy hehe...mother liked her candles and my youngest sis was happy with her stuff middle sister and family will collect the presents from me tommorrow, as they had the sense to stay away today. I had no choice in the matter as I'd only be on my own as I am now anyway.

I didn't do too badly at all this xmas/xbox/consumer day's what I just lugged home:

My Haul
Leather Low Back Computer Chair (the big present)
Irish Coffee glasses and 'ingredients' set
Bottle of Red Wine
Jar of Green Tomato Chutney
'Whittard of Chelsea' tin of Hot Malted Chocolate powder
Bath stuff and a gargantuan cappuccino mug
Herb growing kit (basil etc...nothing smokable lol!)
Victorian Porcelain doll in xmas burgundy velvet
CD of Native American music...
...and a ten pound gift voucher for Marks & Spencers.

Mostly food-based I see...which is rather handy as my cupboards are pretty much empty apart from pasta and tins of chopped tomatoes...

After presents were handed out and opened, and the cats were locked out of the kitchen where the food was, I settled into watching 'Oliver' (the musical) from start to finish...there was so much rubbish on tv, and that's a stalwart favourite...which unfortunately clashed with 'My Fair Lady' on BBC 2.

I must admit I do love musicals...mother suggested I should go into musical theatre...funny thing really as I was deciding that myself as I wobbled my way home drunkenly this morning...I am now compelled to admit to singing 'Lonely This Christmas' and David Essex : 'A Winters Tale' at the top of my lungs all the way home...:/

*hides in fear*

I am a good actor, and have an extremely strong classical voice, but am able to sing blues, musicals and any other style I fancy with no problem at all...perhaps I really should combine the two and try that out? Rocky Horror here I come...hehe!!

Dad dropped me home at 6pm on his way to Salcombe to do his usual stint of piano playing at the hotel there...

It's comforting to be back home...even if I am on my own...I can relax and not have to put on a fake air of xmas parents house is so damned dull that I go into 'sulk-mode' if I'm there too long...

I'm going to have a go at putting the new computer chair together in a bit...but first I think I shall have a drink and a cigarette. Then I shall watch the ballet on Channel 4 of Stravinsky's 'The Firebird', followed by 'Amelie' (dir. Jean-Pierre Jeunet) and Nick Cave on Jools Holland...and stuff my face with mulled wine cherry cheesecake!!


Not entirely bah-humbugging...just feeling a bit over-sensitive today...self-indulgent in being alone perhaps...even enjoying being deliberately melancholy?

Right now, I can't tell with myself whether I'm actually a bit low, or whether I'm doing it to myself on purpose at the moment...if I pull my face from a permanent miserable expression to a silly smile instead I instantly feel better...


Ay me!!

(she sighed dramatically)

Perhaps it's a full moon soon...or maybe I'm just a little frazzled with all the theatre and excess?!?!

Hah BumHug!!

Update: I've had a superb evening of watching ballet, Amelie (sniffle), The Fast Show, Red Dwarf, TOTP2 and Nick Cave is on in half an hour on Jools Holland along with The Darkness etc...

I've put together my black leather computer chair...ate half a huge cheesecake, drunk too much red I'm sat in the chair feeling like a business executive at a whole new height and angle...spinning on it in circles like an idiot, rolling around the room on its wheels and crashing into plates and stuff...and feeling a little sick lolol!!

Hazel O'Connor 'Eighth Day' is blasting out of the TV hehe!!!!

See...I'm so childish it only takes me a few spins on a new 'executive toy' (ie. the chair, you pervs!) to make me giggle inanely and be much much happier!!

*distorted whizzing-past grin*


(pilfered from sirmankey)

To be, or not to be?

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