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Listing sideways...

Yes, I have been to the pub...yes I was there from 5pm to 9pm...yes I had 2 and a half pints of bitter...

BUT gawd did I need it...

Got up at 11am today, with a stinking rotten migraine...took two ibuprofen at 12 and got a lift to theatre...was there at 1pm, after being harangued by my mother for 20 minutes in the car as she got lost etc etc etc...

Show went fine until I was due to go on for the Irish Giant story scene...Khasrow distracted me when I was trying to prep and focus before I run on and get klonked on the head with a base-ball bat shaped foam 'bread stick' I wasn't ready...

Then when I ran on, Azo clunked me so hard over the head with the 'breadstick' that all the lines fell out the back...migraine was throbbing under the lights and it just made it worse...

Consequently I had about 30 seconds (seemed like an hour) on stage with no recall whatsoever of what I was doing and what line came next...still dizzy and reeling from the breadstick thing...

It was horrible...but I regained consciousness...and had to improv some lines back into what I was supposed to be all was not lost...just 30 seconds where I should have been speaking and instead was wobbling around in sheer panic with my brain pounding and utterly utterly blank.

Well I suppose it had to happen at some point...just it NEVER happens to me.


So when we finished at 4:30 I took myself off to the I'm pissed as a newt, still have a throbbing migraine, but at least I feel a bit better about it now.

Ho hum...

Tommorrow I have to do xmas shopping...presents for 7 people on less than 20 quid as I'm flat broke, get paid xmas eve, but am doing 2 shows then so can't go shopping...then its a full night shift...

Tuesday I need to tidy, then work 10 til 6am xmas eve...a few hours sleep, 2 shows then off to the pub.

BAH HUMBUG to Xmas...I can seriously do without it!!!

One happy thing however, I'll be at wildgift93's house on Boxing Day, HURRAH!!! And I shall be out at the Black Catz Xmas party the day after...tho I won't be able to drink as I have a show the next day :/

*wanders off in search of a warm bed and Snoopy*

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