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Exhaustion!!! And still I go on...

I just got in from a most enjoyable evening!!

I'm knackered and exhausted etc etc, and could sleep for a thousand years...cept I have to be in theatre to do it all again at 1pm tommorrow lol!!

Yesterday's 2 shows went really well...we had a band in the bar playing arabian music, which I danced to a bit afterwards before leaving to go to work at 10pm...

Worked right through from 10pm to 6am...dress up night...wore a black velvet and leather buckle corset, long tiered burgundy velvet skirt, and had my hair up in bunches with lots of silver/black ribbons tied in...looked fantastic!! I will wear them out on Sat 27th Black Catz party...

Then slept 7am to 11am this morning, when I dived out of bed and made my way to theatre.

A superb show this hour for tea (leek and potato soup...yum!)...then this evenings which wildgift93 and etceterate were coming...

It went really very well, despite a few mistakes/missed cues...thankfully not mine...such is the risk when you run an entire scene with 8 year olds lol!!, and everybody thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

I was utterly to drop...and wildgift93 and etceterate very kindly took me to dinner afterwards...yummy pasta dish and cheesy garlic bread and a glass of red wine...had a splendid evening with them and have only now just got in.

Cocoa and to bed I go...

SO so tired!!!

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