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Terribly tired, but off to work til 6am as per usual *sigh*

Hauled myself out of the proverbial pit at approximately 12 lunchtime today...consequently was *forced* to get a taxi to theatre...

The show this afternoon went as well as expected...audiences can be SO different...but it was good, and I enjoyed myself, despite (?) all the hard work I put into it...

Finished up at 5pm and took the 'Candyman' bus home...

I say 'CandyMan' because this particular route takes you right through the cities most unsavoury red light district and on into what can ONLY be described as 'CandyMan' country...not unlike that of the 'Cabrini Green' ghetto in the film of 'The Forbidden' (a short story from 'In The Flesh' by Clive Barker which, in literary form was set in another area I lived near lol).

Mount Wise is SUCH a degenerate area of the city, and quite possibly the worst... It's nothing but towerblocks and demolished buildings...the tower-blocks are all derelict, boarded up and smothered in graffiti, with only about 10% of them actually inhabited, those that are being lit with a tumult of garishly colourful xmas lights in a desperate attempt by the residents to brighten up their lives and the area they live in.

Truly AWFUL!!! (and entirely alien to my social upbringing...with arty, sailing types for relatives, big houses etc etc)


Arrived home (much better area with a big park and view out to sea...phew!) and went straight to make tea...lovely!!

Then played 'Ophelia' (as in Sir John Everett Millais) in the bath for half an hour, and here I am now drinking more tea and smoking a cigarette, preparing for work as usual.

Thankfully I have no theatre tommorrow, tho I am doing overtime beginning at 6pm...ho hum...another 12 hour shift...might make a move into town to do some dreaded xmas shopping...maybe not!!

Oh, and I got myself a Deviant-Art account not so long ago...if you *really* want to see an example of my art, and some god-awful poetry spanning 1993 to HERE!!!



Pilfered and half-inched from mehdi_caps :

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