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Stuffed and still eating...PIGGY!!!!!!!!!!!

Got up today at about 2pm (6 hours abed) and had to brave town...


The only reason I HAD to go in town was because it was 'secret santa' at work tonight...and a team 'party' in our lunchhour...

So dragged myself to Boots to fight the a nice toiletry set for the random person I'd picked from the the bank to pay more bills...then went shopping for myself...oops!

Couldn't resist the temptation...

Got two disposable cameras, mascara, new nail polish, then off to the market for silver and black ribbons and braids to make two bunches-type-things to wear on friday as part of my 'fairy gothmother' outfit...might add some silver tinsel to it...

And off to Sainsbury's to get food for work...


Came out with a bottle of mulled wine (mine), two boxes of brandy snaps, cheese and chive puff pastry things, sesame seed sticks, etc etc...YUM!!

Got to work at 5:30, ready to start another 12 hour shift...6pm to 6am again...yawn!

Ate way too much in the 'party' and felt somewhat ill for a couple of hours after...having indulged too much...was given a very good bottle of red as my secret santa idea who from (as is the point), but they certainly knew my tastes...(if it's red I'll drink it!)

Arsed around with some extremely vulgar conversation after lunch till 6am, had a brief fracas with a retarded yokel burberry clad xmas temp who kept staring/grinning at me and laughing to his which I replied : "Got a fucking problem?"...he shut up after that...

Also got a bit irate at Dave and James, as they were going on about how FUNNY the ending of American Beauty was...the shooting etc...ranted at them that if they found that funny then they were insensitive morons who couldn't appreciate the tragic dramatic irony of it all...

OH, and put a 'defective workstation' notice on the Duty Obs computer screen...with the comment/fault as 'Operated By Morons!'...the boss found it hilarious thankfully!!!


There was LOADS of food left over...and now my cupboards are no longer bare...and I'm sat here still snacking...I'll be sick at this rate...

Need to go to bed now as I have to be in Theatre by 1pm for another show this afternoon...

Sleep, 7:30am to 11am and then I have to get ready and walk in...


*wanders off*

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