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Mad Weekend...

Woke up at 6pm yesterday...went on LJ, messaged a few people...Si rang...and my flatmate used up all the hot water, so my lovely fairy jasmine glitter bath was bloody cold!!


Met Si and Rob outside Zero's...Rob was all gothed up (technical term there lol) and Si was his new PVC zip bondage trousers...looked absolutely frickin' amazing!! We took some photos and went in...had a GREAT nite in the club...dancing, talking etc...Rob was absolutely hammered and singing loudly on the balcony like a drunken rowdy footballer...Jodie looked her usual hollywood self...

...and Jon (who was celebrating his birthday) asked Si and I to do some video stuff out on the moors sometime this month...stone circles and the like...which will be very cool...hopefully he can get his foot in the door down at theatre too with video projects/staging etc...

Went back to Jon's at 4am after driving around a bit...and sat around drinking filter coffee and smoking till about 9am when Si dropped me home and went home to bed himself...poor love had been up 24 hours since doing a 12 hour shift at work which started 5/6am saturday morning!!

When I got back, my flatmate was a bit miserable, so sat about for ages drinking tea, and cooked spicy bolognese (mushrooms, onions, peppers, chilli sauce etc) at 11am...after which I finally fell into bed at approximately 12 lunchtime...absolutely bloody knackered!!

Didn't wake up till 7pm today...and now I have to go out to the shop for milk, and the usual essentials...


Just got back from the shop...

Munching pink wafers and drinking Rocket Fuel guarana coffee now...yum!!

Gratuitous Piccies before I went out last flatmate was playing around with the graphics progs...I like!!


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