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I had so much to do on my theatre day off and I slept right through the sod:/

Got to sleep after work at about 8am...set the alarm for 2:30...plenty of time to go in town and pay bills, get some 'bah humbug' presents (not that I can afford it) and go up to my mothers to get fed/give my middle sister her wedding anniversary card etc etc, and ring some some laundry, tidy, all the rest...

Nope...I woke up at 8pm...I suppose I must have been tired, since yesterday I had 3 hours sleep in the morning pre-theatre and 2 hours in the evening pre-work...but it's damn irritating, as now I have to spend all night at work and do two shows tommorrow...

So it's work, sleep for 4 hours, show, another show, out to a punk night tommorrow afterwards til 3am if I have any energy left...

I'm supposed to be doing overtime on Sunday...think I'll cancel's also my middle sisters birthday (yes, she got married near her birthday), so I have to go spend more money on a present for her and visit dear mamma...

I'm not getting a break...I have 12 hour shifts monday and tuesday and more theatre...all I'm doing is theatre/work/brief period of sleep...and to top it all I have a stupid cold that is making me cough til I'm nearly sick everytime...raw throat and all that...

(that or I'm going to die 'Moulin Rouge' style)

I did the same with Panto last year...was working nights then too...slept so much through January and February that I don't remember half of it...went into total hibernation...this coming Jan and Feb I can't go into recovery-mode and shut down tho...I have more projects and things to do...

I'm going to burn myself out at this bloody rate...

BAH HUMBUG to all of this miserable, fake, xmas bollocks...I say melt the trees and tinsel...stomp on all the cds full of 'good cheer' and 'jolly carols'...give me Depeche Mode and a bottle of something red...ok, ok, I'll have some mulled wine...but that's as far as it goes. I don't have the time or the enthusiasm for it!!!


Btw, I'm currently reading Patrick McCabe's 'The Dead School'. It's very good and nice and cheerful (she lied) :

"Love is in the grave and I don't know what to do. What am I going to do? Oh please, God, what am I going to do now that love is in the grave?"


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