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One more kid gets caught in the crossfire, that's collateral damage, darling!!

Oh dear god I am exhausted!!!

Had about 3 hours sleep this morning (9am to 12 lunchtime)...couldn't wind down after work...too many theatre worries, and got a lift to theatre at 12:30am...notes, warmup, on call ready to go at 2:15pm...

Show went really well...a good audience who were responsive and enjoying themselves...two schools parties.

I had to mug a few lines, as I was so hot and tired my brain was a bit scrambled...but nobody a huge black turban and robe, with a big pillow at the front for a belly, under REALLY hot wonder I was a bit spaced...all the right words, just not necessarily in the right order lol...

Not as bad as I'm making out...maybe about 4 lines...but it pissed me off a bit.

I know my sodding lines, I was just having first show adrenalin...and that can wipe the best actors memory. Thankfully this wasn't the case and we got through to the end at full pace, with good energy and performance with no hiccups or blank spots!!

Not bad for a first show, two more on Saturday...

Was all over at half past four...treated myself to a bottle of English Mead from the shop on the way home...medicinal purposes dahhlink...

I love Mead...but I also have a terribly dry, sore throat...all that bloody sand and yelling 'SILENCE' at my attendants...

Got home at 5:30, had a quick tipple (I'm making this bottle last...a small glass a day) and went to bed.

Nice long catnap until 8pm, and now I'm up again and have to go to work in half-an-hour...10pm to 6am...oh joy!!

No rest for the wicked, eh??


You are John Waters!

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