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My first Panto show is this afternoon...

I have to go to bed...but I'm all full of adrenalin and *the fear*!!!

It'll go okay I expect...I'll do a write-up in the evening...I just hope all the little kids I'm working with don't forget their lines and fuck the scenes up that I'm in with them...aaaaaaaaaaa!!!!


Worse than animals I swear!!!

Work tonight was fun...lots of stupidity...might have had something to do with the fact that I called in on Spikey first and had a glass of red and a 'jazz cigarette'...

James asked me to 'guard his desk' (we are hot-desking)...when he came back I told him that a thousand-strong army of inch-high blue scotsmen attempted to storm the keyboard, but I stomped on all of them...

Jui-ehh!! later complained that her ankle was itching...I blamed the smurfs hehe!

Jui-ehh!! and I have the same 'proper Bronte' romantic notions it seems...(see post below)...she didn't stop moaning all night about her ex-bf...she's still trying to remain close friends with him but is very confused and getting mixed signals from him...

She can't handle being friends with her ex without pining for/getting confused about the previous relationship part either...I advised her to distance herself totally until she felt better about just's the only way to deal with it in my opinion...otherwise you get yourself into the 'unrequited love' crap as you misinterpret conversations and the ex's turns of phrase for interest. I'm going to have to be doing the same and focus on theatre...forced severance until xmas at least : necessary for me to get over things, but it is hard...

Must...must go to bed...I'm going to be all panto-focused now until the New Year, and then I have music projects on the go with Hermann, Spikey and Nick B...and a new Weird Cabaret to work on which we will perform on 1st Feb...and moving house to organise, things to sort out/throw away...massive amount of downsizing required...

Time for me...all I do atm is theatre, work, sleep and an hour or so on the comp avoiding housework before I rush off to theatre!! I'm permanently on the go right now and it's exhausting me mentally and physically.

Lines, Lines, Lines running through my head...

Have to be in Theatre for a 1pm is at 2:30...



I've ALWAYS loved this song, and had the tune in my brain...I was intensely surprised to find it at the start of Moulin Rouge when I watched it the other night!!!

(also covered by Miles Davis on Blue Moods)

Nature Boy : Nat King Cole

There was a boy
A very strange enchanted boy
They say he wandered very far, very far
Over land and sea
A little shy and sad of eye
But very wise was he

And then one day
A magic day he passed my way
And while we spoke of many things
Fools and kings
This he said to me
"The greatest thing you'll ever learn
Is just to love and be loved in return"

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn
Is just to love and be loved in return"


11/12/2003 : Gemini Daily Horoscope

Heartfelt conversations with a family member could uncover some deep, dark secrets about the past. Fortunately, you're the type who'd rather face the truth than keep your head buried in the sand. Now you have a clearer picture of certain people's motivations, your relationships can begin to heal. Don't worry if they are no longer around. You can still make amends in your heart, where it counts the most. (c)2003

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