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Techie Day...and I fear I am becoming Withnail!!

Got up at 9:50am this morning after about 3 hours sleep and had to get a taxi to theatre...

Today was Tech run day...that is...a lot of going over scenes for lighting/sound/fx/projection cues etc took a LOOOOOOOONG time!!!

Was in full costume for the first time today...I have a HUGE belly made out of a pillow sewn into a T-shirt, over which I wear a black velvet and gold robe, with a huge black velvet/gold fabric's really really huge, and heavy...and the hat it's sewn onto is rather tight...but looks I will have to get used to it. Very very hot under the lights in all that...I shall sweat off at least a stone with all the performances this month hehe...

Had a half-hour lunchbreak at 2pm, went to Subway and had the usual choc muffin and tuna roll...drank way too much coke...then we continued teching until to the end of the show too!!!

Walked home, but was tailed/walked alongside all the way from town to nearly millbridge by an iraqi guy, who kept asking for my phone number and if I wanted to go for a drink and that I was beautiful etc etc...was a bit edgy really, but was friendly to a point, and then a bit offish, lying that my 'husband' would be waiting at home for me...ok so I got a bit nervous...he eventually apologised and left...but I needed a cigarette when I got in.

I nearly rang my ex to pretend I was on my way home and that his dinner would be ready/mother was coming over when I got in or something daft...*rolls eyes* I'm at home, going to go over my lines later and catch up on some laundry as I've been neglecting housework for a week now and it's beginning to look like a hovel in here...empty wine bottles...that sort of thing lol

I'm into work an hour early tommorrow, as Dress Run on Tuesday is liable to make me late for I have to make up time just in case. Bah!!!

*runs for a wine glass*


BTW...anyone here remember Joey Deacon??

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