Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
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Saturday!! Wahhooo!!

Sooooooooo much post last night...did overtime till 9am!!!

Was my dad's birthday today...but coz I worked so late I had to text and apologise that I wouldn't be coming I needed to sleep. Will go up tommorow... it was I got into town 'bout 9:30am and went to MacDonalds for bacon & egg mcmuffins to take home...asked for two, paid for two...when I left there were THREE in the bag!! Wahoo!!!

Finally got to bed at about 11am...then slept solid until 6pm after a peculiar dream about going on holiday to Egypt and someone stealing all my luggage...and other such nonsense including walking across the desert with an irritating 8 year old boy who turned out to be Jesus... here I am, dear diary, only just up and already typing rubbish into this ol' box...I'm going to go run a nice fairy jasmine glitter bomb bath in a bit...then I'm off out tonight...hurrah!!!

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