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Sand and Keys... (itches and shivers) (Early Thursday before bed)

I got up at about 4 today and rushed around doing stuff...then got to theatre at about 6pm...

Met up with people, did a run-through as far as we could time permitting of the first act...doing it again tonight...

This evening at Panto was a bit odd as it was the first time we'd performed with the sand in...the stage set is about a foot deep in coarse builder's sand, the idea is with the lights it can be Arabia, the Arctic etc etc for each story...but this means we have to work barefoot in it, and as it was newly put in, was cold and damp and sticking to our toes...

Run-through went fine tho...despite some people slipping and the dancers kicking it up a bit...

The only thing that bothered me was that I had to walk to work, and spend the ENTIRE night at work with sand in my's itchy and uncomfortable inside my shoes...I need to take them off and wash my feet now before I go to bed.

Had a new influx of xmas keyers...still no talent amongst them...bleh!, had a tasty pasta dish for lunch, and finally got set loose from the building at 6am...

Which is when Jean discovered she'd locked her keys in the car.


Jean drops me home, so I had to wait with her and use my phone for the recovery people, who, when they finally arrived, spent AGES in the cold with bits of wire and inflatable things and stuff to get her driver side door open.

Stood there and shivered, and watched some bats...finally got in about 10 mins ago, after standing around in the cold for an hour.

Which is not good as I have a bit of a sore throat and must look after it for panto...

Ok...cup of tea (herbal...I've run out of milk again) and off to bed I go.

Got to be up early...need to catch up on laundry and be in theatre by 5pm again today...

*wanders off, shivering and bleary*

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