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Scheherezade...where were you?? (Late Monday evening)

Didn't get up till late today...

Had a bitch of a migraine all day, and felt very sick...and builders on scaffold next door were making a hell of a racket...

Went to theatre at 5, ended up rehearsing songs and reading in for Scheherezade as she didn't show up for the run-through...went very well tho.

Got to the pub at 9.15...bumped into a theatre friend who was in Weird Cabaret last night, and sat with her and a few other people who are part of a Barbican Choral roped in somehow into singing 'If I were a Butterfly' at a wedding on the 27th December...turns out they know my dad from school...

My director and stage manager turned up at half-past, so we discussed theatre stuff, and I made my way home at 10pm, stopping along the way to pick up a bottle of red from the I'm drinking it now and listening to music...

I don't have a call tommorrow, so will spend the evening going over lines in act next in on Wednesday for a Weird Cabaret meeting AND a Panto run-through before going off to work.

I have the night off tonight, so I'm having a few drinks and then going to bed about 2am.

Need sleep really...overdoing it a bit at present.


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