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A good thing and a bad thing... (Early Saturday before bed)

Well bollocks!!

Guess who gets struck down with the curse early...a day before performing in white underwear, white longjohns and a white vest for Weird Cabaret on Sunday!!

AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! (and OW!)...that's right! Yours truly. ie. Me!!!


At least I'm not doing anything too energetic this time...I know we are out to shock the audience as usual...but that would be too much...

Ho hum.

On a happier note, as I got paid today I decided to upgrade my webspace... I now have tons more meg to splash about in, and will begin updating again fairly soon...

At least my index page no longer says 'Happy New Year January 2003'!!!


Panto vocal rehearsals this evening went fairly well...funny thing tho...the volume of the cast appears to grow by about 100% percent when I start singing...I wish they'd sing up...I know they're all kids, but they need to open up their lungs a bit more...

Finished at about 8...had a nice pint of Worthingtons before tottering off to work at 9pm!!

Ok, I have to be in theatre by 12 lunchtime at the is actually 10am, but they know I have to sleep when I get home from work...



Pilfered from vile_temptress:

Which Daring Silent Diva Are You?

You're Louise Brooks! A naugty kid sister, you lived a little faster and a bit more loosely than the characters you played, but everyone loved you. Whether an elegant lady or a kid sister, you wowed them. Unfortunatly, the imp who would "spit on every slice of fudge in a pan" so that she wouldn't have to share ended up working behind a makeup counter in a department store.

Want to know which Daring Silent Diva you are? Click on the picture to take the test! </b>


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