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Making Plans and Mulled Wine!! (Early Friday before bed)

I had no rehearsals this evening...apparently there was a costume fitting for the sheep and goats... least I hope I didn't have a I've lost the schedule I had printed up for this week...oops!

I *know* I'm in friday evening...vocal stuff...all the songs...and then off to work as usual.

I slept till 8pm today...from 7:30am in the morning!! Must have needed it tho...

Called in on my friend Spikey on the way to work, had a coffee... I've decided to move into his house in March next year. I'll have the attic for storage and the top 2 rooms for living in... I can't afford where I am now, and it would save me nearly 300 pounds a month in rent...and more savings once the bills and debts my ex left with me are paid off by mid-april.

This means I have a lot of stuff to get rid of/store somewhere, which I need to do anyway...and, as much as I love the house I'm in now, it's too damn expensive to keep on my own; it's a two double-bedroom maisonette with two bathrooms...and I'm on my own in it at 465 pounds a month rent!!

I am going to wangle Actor's Equity in the new year...and move on to some paid theatre work, (not that I'll drop the free work I do for the Barbican) and we are eager to get on with the music project we have talked about with Nick B and Herman as well...once I am in the same house I'll have access to Spikey's studio, audio/video equipment etc and I won't have to cart my 'cello all the way there either!! Also I shall work on theatre stuff from there and make new contacts.

I've known Spikey a damn long time from Theatre...he used to be the Sound/Lighting guy there, and was also the drummer/bassist in a few bands...he's a good reliable friend (in his early 40's) and I am quite looking forward to being in a house of like minded will make it easier to channel myself into my work as well, as on my own I am easily distracted, and have a tendency to sit around doing eff all when I should be working on my own projects etc.

I'm looking around my living room now...christ there's so much tidying/sorting to be done by then!!

*withered sigh*

Well, work tonight was v. dull as usual...was on duty obs (ie. 'in charge')...but at least we got let out at 5am again...

I get paid today, so I'll be in bed at about 7am, get up at 12 and go in town...

I have lots of bills to pay as usual, things to post, maybe meet Jui-ehh!! and take a look in the new Westward Bound premises (fetish clothes/apparatus shop)...and I've also been told that there is a 'german market' in town...with stalls selling glasses of Mulled Wine...

Now, I'm not the sort of person to walk past a stall selling mulled wine and not have a tipple or two... long as I'm not too squiffy before theatre...nice to warm my vocal chords with tho hehe...

Ok, I'm off!!

Ciao darlings!!

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