Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

Alien Vampire Cat People and 1950's cartoon christians...

Went for a lie down at 12 intending to get up again half an hour later, but fell asleep in my clothes till 4am, then again until now...

I'm a crumpled fuzzy bleary-eyed me, with a mug of green tea...and I'm in recovery from some particularly scary nightmares...

I was wandering round underground buildings...boiler room type basements...but each room had big fat bald bouncer-type men in beating up other people...and then trying to rape me as I got past them...about 5 rooms of this...until I got upstairs and onto a moonlit roof, where there was a mafioso type boss and two girls...thought I was okay...blagging my way out to safety...turns out those two girls are vampire-cat people...who then start attacking me...I discover I'm one as well...bite them back...make holes/blood...etc etc...(bloody red wine) and then make my way back to my 'lair' where there is a ginger cat who is my friend...who when I talk in cat language to him, stands on his back legs upright and talks back...something to do with us being alien-cat-people who accidentally landed on earth when our ship was destroyed about 50 odd years ago...


Another one was I was sent to Cambridge or something or other, to the uni with my I had to be in hiding...the press were looking for the secret descendant of Lord Hampshire and it was my dad or something...*rolls eyes* and then I got stuck in his car but the handbrake wouldn't stay I had to drive it and park (I CAN'T DRIVE!) and then get told off by the police...then went to some underground 50's style christian club...where my dad was chatting up some young blonde thing...and I was yelling at them that they were all christian wankers...and that there was nothing wrong with the religion...just the people in it...and what the hell did they think they looked like dressing like fucking cartoony 50's idiots in the year 2000!!

Oh dear oh dear!! Thank god I woke up!!!

I'm a bit shaken really...too much rich food and alcohol methinks...

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