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The Perfect Compilation...too bad you can't buy it anymore... (Tuesday)

Nocturnal is pretty much the soundtrack to my A-levels in 1990/91 and my life ever since really hehe.

Despite finding new music on a regular basis, I always go back to these old stalwarts as the first things I want to listen to!!

Total nostalgia...I love all these tracks so much...

Nocturnal CD 1 June 1998 (UK - Procreate - CD 5559082 / Cassette 5559084. No longer available to buy.)

1.Sisters Of Mercy: This Corrosion
2. The Mission: Deliverance
3. Bauhaus: She's In Parties
4. The Cult: Rain
5. Fields of the Nephilim: Moonchild
6. Joy Division: Shadow Play
7. Gene Loves Jezebel: The Motion of Love
8. Jesus and Mary Chain: Cracking Up
9. Curve: Fait Accompli
10. The March Violets: Snake dance
11. Soft Cell: Sex Dwarf
12. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Do You Love Me?
13. Red Lorry Yellow Lorry: Think about the Weather
14. Love and Rockets: Ball of Confusion
15. Alien Sex Fiend: I walk the line
16. Specimen: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
17. NIN: Head Like a Hole
18. Virgin Prunes: Pagan Love song

Nocturnal CD 2

1. Bauhaus: Bela Lugosi's dead
2. Killing Joke: Love Like Blood
3. Joy division: Love will tear us apart
4. Cocteau twins: Pink Orange red
5. The Smiths: There is a light that never goes out
6. Echo and the Bunnymen: People are strange
7. Depeche Mode: Walking in My Shoes
8. Fields of the Nephilim: Psychonaut
9. The Mission: Wasteland
10. Xymox: A Day
11. All About Eve: Martha's Harbour
12. The Cranes: Jewel
13. Dead Can Dance: The arcane
14. Japan: Ghosts
15. Nick Cave + Kylie Minogue: Where the wild roses grow.
16. Danielle Dax: Big Hollow Man
17. The Birthday party: Release The Bats
18. Jesus and Mary chain: Never Understand

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