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There's a first for everything... (Monday)

First real kiss: Some guy in a friend's flat who convinced me I had to be taught how to french kiss...aged 15

First job: First paid job was at Electronics Boutique, first unpaid job: Props and setbuilding/design for 'Return to the Forbidden Planet', Plymouth Theatre Royal, 1993.

First screen name: VampGirl

First self-purchased album: Malcolm Arnold: Peterloo Overture and 4 cornish dances (classical)

First funeral: I don't remember

First pet: Black and White cat called Sam, when I was a baby.

First piercing: Ears, aged 18/19!!

First love: Snoopy. No comment.

First famous crush: Michael Praed as Robin Of Sherwood.

First non-famous crush: The 'man in the pink t-shirt' in a production of West Side Story which my mother was playing first flute and piccolo she tells me anyway...

First big trip: Normandy with the school band...yes, band camp indeed.

Last big car ride: Coming back from Liverpool in a big white van, 1997.

Last kiss: *That weekend in October*...

Last smooch: Saying goodbye at the train station during the above.

Last good cry: Last night, feeling sorry for myself and alone.

Last movie seen: The Matrix at my mothers.

Last beverage drank: Coffee. About 10 mins ago.

Last food consumed: Dinner at my mothers, 6pm yesterday.

Last phone call: Dialled: wildgift93, saturday evening. Recieved: No idea:/

Last TV show watched: Rubbish, american-ey (therefore hideously excitable) doc on Inca Mummys.

Last shoes worn: My Mary Janes, all the time, even though the left one is laughing and lets rain in.

Last CD played: Sisters of Mercy : First and Last and Always

Last soda drank: Lime and Soda...Jojo's booklaunch last wednesday.

Last ice cream eaten: Don't know...could be a few months back...


I'm off to work...was up too long yesterday, 8am Sunday to 7:30am today...woke up at 7 this evening...

Feel better now, was a bit frazzled yesterday to be perfectly honest...


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