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Agonoskis Anklod...

Work last night was entertaining...was on duty obs all night and had to deal with post coming in on a program that had been recently updated but not patched (missing .dll) so we couldn't get at it to process it...or view it on the duty obs profile...until we found 8 computers out of hundreds that had trials software dropped on it...absolute bloody nightmare it was!!!

Anyway, that aside, got home at 6ish and went to bed...but slept a solid 12 hours (damn) and missed out on loads that I had to do in etc...

...was also supposed to walk up to Jodie's house for a social before work...but my dumb ankle hurts SOO much that when I wake up currently it is EXTREMELY painful for at least an hour until it's loosened up a bit...the bruising still looks horrible too...much worse than the webcam photo a few days's huge blood-blistery bruises all over the bone, from my calf down to halfway down my foot:-/

Anywho...I am now sat here, having gone thru my emails etc...listening to Spinner Gothic Channel and I'm off to cook in a minute...yesterday I cooked some DELICIOUS liver and onion, peppers, tomato, bloody gravy yummy and bloody tasting...kept me awake and happy all night...

...that and the 'Rocket Fuel' guarana coffee I bought from Sainsburys that I took to work with me lol!!

Bye tiddlypeeps...

...Hooble toodle doo!!

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