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"It's Beyond My Control" < repeat > (Wednesday)


You take me,
You break me,
You rent my heart asunder.

I lie here,
In ribbons,
There's nothing left to plunder.

I'm bleeding,
Yet still a candle burned.

I need to
find my way,
but through these tears I'm blinded.

It's time now,
for myself,
And to be single-minded.

Which way here?
There's choices to be made...

Like a moth to a flame I flew,
Over and over.
Not caring should my wings be burned...
Again and again I was sure I could take that pain...

Now from the ashes of the old,
A new beginning,
For myself and myself alone.
As the Phoenix rises from the flames, now is my time.


Make of that what you will. For now, I have to focus on Theatre and doing things for myself after that. For once in my stupid life it's time to do something I have NEVER done before and have always regarded as selfish...and that's to put myself first above all else.

Oh, and if you didn't already know, the quote in the title is John Malkovich's Vicomte de Valmont from *that* scene in 'Dangerous Liasons', 1988, dir. Stephen of my favourite films...heartbreaking in places...but OOOH John Malkovich...*tries a cheerful giggle*


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