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Currently Experiencing a Net Slowdown...AM I??? NOPE!!!!!!

Well here I am back on dial-up...

Back on AO-hell actually, since I got booted from my broadband ISP as they messed up taking payments and kept trying to take them during a period of each month when I had nothing in the bank...also means I've lost everything off my webspace no pictures I've posted here will show...and I have no idea which ones either, since I didn't keep a record...I have them on the comp, but they could be anywhere!!!


Funnily enough, though...browsing is no slower...this is because my broadband ISP had a bit of a DNS fuckup going on these last few I can't see any diff with things loading, page-wise...downloading will be a bore tho...

Anyway, I have 45 free days of AO-Hell, and then I will have the broadband sorted out again...dammit, nothing is going right for me at the moment.

I still have a sorely glandy throat, and severe cash-lack...but HEY! It's friday at least, so I'll get home at 6am tommorrow, sleep for a bit and be out in the evening...HUZZAH!!!

Won't be able to drink much tho...have theatre rehearsals 10am to 6pm all day Sunday...

OH, and I've put myself in for LOTS of overtime (12 hour shifts) inbetween my performance days all through december...hopefully I'll get most of them (inc. sats and suns) and have a nice fat paycheck at the end of January...if the tax bastards don't eat most of it first that is...

Ho hum.
Sometimes I wish I had a Withnail-style lack is a bit of a problem at the moment...

But then it would only go on cake and fine wine...



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