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Hair flailing like a dying medusa, arms windmilling like a loon..

I'm running late...have to be in theatre by 1pm, had 4 hours sleep...will get a taxi into town...

When I'm done with the first lot of rehearsals at 4 I have to go to the bank and pay the phone bill...otherwise I'll get disconnected according to the nicely printed red thing in the hallway...and spend some time running lines and song lyrics...


Then I'm rehearsing again 6-9 and off to work...same tommorrow...


Work last night was entertaining (she said sour-faced) drenched through walking in in the pouring rain...lots of stats to calculate, then a team meeting which was more a 'heated debate' and a moan about pay...then minutes to type up, then edit, then print, like, 8 billion copies of...lunch then a fire drill...then more crappy keying while I deafened myself to Mortiis, KMFDM, Rob Zombie, Razed In Black, Thrill Kill Kult etc etc:


1. KMFDM: She Moves in Mysterious Ways
2. Gravity Kills: Drown
3. RATM: Bombtrack
4. Razed In Black: I want candy (Bow wow Wow remixed)
5. The 69 Eyes: Lazarus Heart
6. Rob zombie: Dragula
7. KMFDM: King Nothing (Metallica remixed)(I skip this)
8. RATM: Killing In the Name Of... (I also skip this)
9. Razed In Black: Oh My Goth!
10. KMFDM: Juke Joint Jezebel
11. NIN: Head Like a Hole
12. Thrill Kill Cult: Lucifer's Flowers
13. The 69 Eyes: Stigmata
14.Mortiis: Parasite God

...then home at 6am...

...same old same old, and more tonight...

*wishes she had a big box of Pro-plus caffeine tablets...or something stronger...*

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