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Busy busy weekend...

Fetish party was a TOTAL blast!!

Went over to wildgift93's house at 6pm already dressed up like a pvc-slut...had a few drinks, helped with corsetry etc...took LOTS of photos...

PVC Posing 1
PVC Posing 2
PVC Posing 3
PVC Posing 4

You can see some more of wildgift93 and etceterate here :

There are one or two more of me...but you are NOT seeing them...they're for someone special!!


Got home from the party at about 3am...went to bed, got up again at 11am terribly hungover, and had to go to theatre for rehearsals at 1pm...

Rehearsals went well until I got headachey and cranky-tired some time after 4 o'clock...went home in the rain and went to bed feeling a tad low...

Big nasty thunderstorm so I went under the duvet and fell asleep...had a hideous nightmare about trying to dispose of a corpse by mincing, cooking and eating it...but there was too much mince and it was really dry and I couldn't eat it all...was dizzy and weird and late for work and trying to eat dry mince with not enough to go with it...yeuch!!

Woke up in shakes...lack of oxygen...lack of water/blood in my alcohol system by that point too...

So put on LOUD music (revolting cocks : linger ficken good album)...and painted for a bit...

Got carried away with black and white gouache...and probably a little high too if that's possible, then came upstairs and watched the last half hour of Audition...

Dammit, I wish I'd known it was on...what I saw of it was absolutely fantastic...won't spoil it for you, but it had me glued...I LOVE stuff like that...

Anyway, went to bed round up about an hour ago, and need to go buy videotapes... Channel 4 is having a 'shriek week'...tonight is 'Ninth Gate' and 'Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town'. I'll be at work...grah:/

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