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Theatre meeting last night was damned good. Discussed format, acts, ideas etc etc for about 2 and a half hours...we are meeting again next wednesday for a creative discussion time. I'll be doing a lot more theatre next week and in the coming months also...

I'm helping out on the "East End Project" as an adult's a community thing and I'll probably end up doing some street theatre in the carnival also. Weird Cabaret starts regular meetings again at the start of september...and I'll also be involved with "Arabian Nights" ; the theatre christmas show...28 performances in december!!

This year we move from the traditional panto style into folk tales from all over the world...inuit, kurdish etc etc...commissioned to a writer and with video projection and art installation included!! It's going to be HUGE!!! And I'm going to be VERY BUSY!!!

Work last night was a into an argument in the canteen at lunchtime...someone started up on the current immigration system with "send em all back where they belong" and "dole scroungers/state fiddlers all of em" and other such colourful debate...then it got on to "Pakki's are the worst..." and I totally flew off the handle...if there's one thing I won't tolerate it's "I'm not a racist, but..." armchair racism and all the other bollocks that people swallow up from their parents/peers attitudes without question...and I had to say so...which made me popular!! NOT!! I have a lot of refugee friends from Kurdistan/Bosnia/Iraq etc etc at theatre and elsewhere and the attitudes that were being pushed out in the canteen last night were so bigoted, narrow minded and plain wrong that I had to speak up and piss off everyone in the process. Oh well. Rant over.

Got up today at about 1pm and went into town. Met up with Si, Shauny etc, saw my friend Helen (who I've known since I was 9!!) and Jodie...whos house I'm going to at 6pm tommoro. Went shoppaging...sainsbogs, blue banana for white powder, shoe laces...(I HAVE to do something with my docs if I have to wear them:/) and stuff, then the electrical shop, then virgin...bought a Dead Can Dance compilation, then Carwardines for a coffee...

Lovely!! Watched a Pigeon 'Feign Death' on the pavement...(if you don't play EQ you won't get that...) then it got up and flew away. Dumb bird!!!

Then went to Stationery flashing UV bulb pens!!! They are SOOOO cool!!, plus a black marker to colour over the yellow stitching on my hated docs...then I got a paper shredder coz it was cheap and I felt like it!!! Si bought me some lovely snoopy stickers too! AWW!!

Then 'The Works' for some Gouache paint, brushes and a cheap book on Pre-Raphaelite art, then past B-Wise and I got a black plastic 'BeyBlades' packed lunch box to take to work...

Si got the bus, and I got a taxington home, was discussing the teaching of Latin in schools with the taxi driver along the way...

Got home, remembered I needed to buy Lightbulbs so I have to go out again...and I'm now sat here drinking thick chocolate milkshake. Yum!!!

Off to sort out site/email/forums now...then shopping baggage, then to the corner shop and work at 9pm.

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!!

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