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Hysterically Funny Vampire fantastically refreshing!!!!!

I have just finished reading 'Blood Lust' by Rhys Wilcox...

And I must say that it is the FUNNIEST and most well-written piece of vampire fiction that I have read in years!!!!

It's written in a very similar style to the red dwarf books...with overtones of Douglas Adam's Hitchhikers series in terms of humour, and had me LITERALLY laughing out loud more than twice on every page...

It's about a group of students resisting vampire domination in their hometown...and the fact that two of them have become vampires themselves quite by accident...and superbly mixes a storyline about these vampires with PERFECT student-based humour...

I felt I could identify with practically EVERY character...the lifestyle...the comments...the scrapes that they get themselves into...the behaviour at parties/in the kitchen/watching TV shows...even one characters trait of permanently quoting 'relevant' film quotes for every possible situation...

I won't give away any more info than that at this stage...AS I UTTERLY INSIST THAT YOU BUY IT NOW!!!!!!!!

You won't be fact...I defy ANYONE not to roll around on the floor with laughter on every page as I did!!

Buy it here! :


Btw...I had a FANTASTIC weekend...very very very very happy indeed...I only wish it wasn't Monday now, and I could be stuck in some kind of Groundhog Day type loop...

*smiles happily*

*wistful thoughts*

(cryptic face hehe)

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