Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

Wednesday is a busy busy day...

Today being Wednesday...

I have been up since 9:30am, put the washing on, etc etc...

Spent all last night tidying my room...ran out of instant coffee, so I'm drinking Douwe Egberts filter stuff from my bodum/plunger thing...(first time it's been used since being new for xmas about 6 years or more ago...oops!)

I'm off out to theatre at 12...rehearsing 1-4, then 6-9, then working 10-6am...


At some point I need to finish tidying...the kitchen is a mess...the rest of the flat is a mess...the only thing that is near passable (but needs hoover attention) is my own room, merely by dint of the fact that I piled up all the crap onto my bed and was FORCED therefore to sort it out else I couldn't go to sleep hehehe!!

Ok, off I go...

Filter coffee buzzing now, and more in the pot...AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

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