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Token Quizzage

My ankle f**king hurts (see previous post for why...) and my flatmate is having a crisis and I have to walk/hobble to work at about 8:30 :-/

And it's grey and rainy and I have no phone credit and severe lack of cash and budgeting to do next month and a whole night of tedious, dull, brain-numbing typage to do at work all night...

And I'm trying to amuse myself with *interesting* quizzage...

I'm going to show everyone my bruised ankle proudly at work tonight. I'll make em be sick of seeing it...hopefully that will keep me entertained till I get paid on thursday...

...still wondering if I should go have it x-rayed...

You are Bella, the Romantic Goth! You would love to
live in the time of Byron and Shelley. People
probably call you Elvira or Morticia. But you
are above them, those poor foolish mortals.

Where are you on the Gothic Spectrum?
brought to you by Quizilla

This Evil Goth one is soooo not me!... :

Wanna Play?
Evil Goth, you enjoy the torture of others, maybe
the people who torment you made you this way?

What type of Goth are you? With PICTURES!!!
brought to you by Quizilla

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