Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

In which I become an Auntie!!!! (and get covered in blood)

:: Sunday, April 13, 2003 ::

(three posts in one from blogger)

I'm at my mothers house. It's 3am or thereabouts. My middle sisters contractions are 2 mins apart so she's going to be having her baby anytime soon. I hope. 'Cause I want to be home by 6am so I can sleep before I go off for sword training. I also haven't eaten today and I had to turn the oven off with the dinner half baked when dad collected me 'round midnight tonight:/

My mother is stressing, as expected, and dad is mostly spending time in the kitchen with sis's husband, while I'm upstairs with her. The midwife has been and gone, and is coming back as soon as it gets really painful. No doubt it will already be out by the time she gets here after being rung lol :/

I need coffee. I'm eating aniseed balls. Yum! But I'm pretty much starved and in need of raiding the fridge in a mo!!

Think I'll go take a look now...

:: Vamp 4/13/2003 03:20:12 AM

A Girl! 6 lb 13 oz, at about 4:49...then placenta, then stitches!! Was rubbing her back. Talking to her. I saw blood, then a lovely baby face looking at me from her rear before the rest came out!!!!

I need a drink!

:: Vamp 4/13/2003 06:15:48 AM

Just woke late up about an hour ago. Sword fighting was cancelled due to the rain. it's absolutely pissing down:(

I'm still kinda tired from last night though. I got home at around 7:30am and went to bed by 9am after texting everyone to tell them I'm an aunty again...

Sis's labour only took 30 mins since her waters broke (which is the time, incidentally, that it has been raining since...and still is lol) and she was knelt on the floor. Midwives didn't bother getting her back to the's an easier position anyway, but the carpet is a bit stained now lol!!

She did the whole lot on gas and air, no other drugs...even the stitches after were done with no local anaesthetic. My sister is very bloody brave!!! My mother stayed out of the room till it was done, no room anyway, as sis's hubby had the head end and the 2 midwives and me saw all the rest and the room was very small.

Well there it is!! Another girl, born on a sunday...seems every female in my family is. Me and both my sisters are too.

She weighed 6lb 13ozs, and had a mop of black hair just like I did. Mum and dad are dark brown and blonde respectively, but I'm naturally ash blonde (as I remember. Dyed it black when I was 15 heh) and had black hair at birth so it must be a family thing.

Ooh...I'm coming over all maternal!!!!


:: Vamp 4/13/2003 04:46:19 PM


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