Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

Overtime Fun.

:: Wednesday, April 16, 2003 ::

10pm-6am. Had a really good night at work last night despite only having 3 and a bit hours sleep during the afternoon/evening.

Was on duty obs all night...checking/calculating stats etc and generally running the place. Had a 'work-time learning' session with the team at 3:10am which I took copious minutes for and which I typed up whilst keeping a check on obs from 3:40am onwards. My boss found them hysterical, but also complimented me on how well taken and thorough they were. Must admit I got a little carried away and wrote them in my usual *web-style*.


6am-10am. Doing overtime again. Overtime was wicked fun. Sat with a group from another team and we chatted and played word games aloud while we keyed. Started off with 'Animal Alphabet'...going through the alphabet and taking turns to name an animal each of each letter. Got boreed of animals roundabout 'G'...then moved onto kids TV with the same formula and managed to get right through to 'Z'!!.

Then we moved onto 'This or That' in a circle...

Janet: Chocolate or Sex?

Me: Chocolate. Umm...Chris Morris or Johnny Morris?

Ben: Who's Chris Morris???


Managed to keep at it tho till we were sick of it. Then 'Name that kid's TV theme' by singing it!! We *must* have been fatigued lolol!!

Finished overtime at 10am. I've been doing overtime all week...and I also got Good Friday and Bank Holiday Monday 10pm-6am shifts too. Yay!! Bank Holiday Pay+Overtime Pay=lots of 'puter/console fun hehe. Oh, and bills:/

Talking of which, then went to the bank...increased my loan by a grand and paid off the leccy bill (nigh on 400 quid - ouch!). The rest will have to sit tight and keep me out of trouble...tho some is allocated to 'Dance Party' and a mat for the PS1, and some for the ltd silver gamecube and the new Zelda : WindWaker on May 3rd. Yay me!!

Bought a new cat collar: silver diamante studs on a black velvet band and 12 black rubber wristbands then went to the council tax office after that to sort out the monthly payments. Aren't I clever!?!

*pats herself on back*

Quick snoop in on TKMaxx before I caught the bus home and got my mother 4x 'Blue Denmark' dinner-plates for 1.99ea and 4x tea-plates for 1.49ea. Bargain! Also purchased for moi a black marble pestle and mortar. Can now grind my concoctions in true witchy style heh.

Sis txted me on the bus home. We are off to Rocky Horror on Saturday - Hurrah!! Will meet up during the day to prac our Magenta stuff. Middle sis is doing well with her baby. Just wants to get out of the house more other than the back garden.

It's too bloody hot and bright!! Had my sunglasses on, but my black nightwork stuff was killing me. Nice to get home and get to bed...which I did around 12:30pm. Off to work again at 9pm. More jolly overtime!! Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!


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