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Theatre. Work.






Last night was shitty, dull, crap, [insert appropriate word] and I was miserable as fuck.

Came home, listened to my cd...fell asleep...woke up, chatted, felt better...fell asleep...

Feeling better now, just it's bright and sunny outside and bitterly cold.

I'm feeling the onset of Winter...and I have no rehearsals today and I'm a tad bored...

Need coffee. Or alcohol...would be nice...

Pilfered from kerrykate:

Age: 29
Boyfriend: Oh yes!!!
Chore you hate: All of them. Unless I am in the mood for it.
Essential make up item: Black Eyeliner.
Favorite actress: Audrey Hepburn/Winona Ryder...
Favorite Actors: Johnny Depp, amongst others...but do we even distinguish between actor/actress these days gender-wise? I term myself an actor...luvvie!!
Gold or silver: Silver
Instruments you play: Cello
Job title: Actor by day, Drone by night.
Kids: At some point. Ally Mc Beal syndrome is beginning to kick in...
Phobias: Spiders, Fireworks, Crane Flies (Daddy Long-Li)
Fav Quote: "Live people ignore the strange and unusual, I, myself AM strange and unusual" Lydia, Beetlejuice...oh and many others, but that springs to mind...
Religion: Wiccan
Time you wake up?: Midday-ish...
Time you go to bed: 7am
Unique habit: Using big words to fox and outwit people...yelling at Countdown if they have crappy words/anagrams
Vegetable you refuse to eat: Lie Potatoes (roasted parsnips)
Worst habit: Being psychologically unable to begin tidying even if my room is a veritable hovel.
Yummy food you make: Lasagne/Anything potato-based. Mmmmmmmmmm Potato!!
Zodiac Sign: Very very gemini. But with scorpio I can be firey sometimes hehe...

Ok, I'll shut up now.

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