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I'm the Grand Vizier! Get me out of here!!

Theatre is incredibly busy...

Weird Cabaret has been put off a month to the 30th Nov...we have too much good stuff and a really good group we don't want to rush it and do it on the 26th of this month...

Leaves me longer to practice my 'cello...but the performance date is now even closer to the start of the Xmas show as well...

I'm busily rehearsing that fact yesterday I spent 7 hours in theatre followed by 8 hours in work, and got to sleep at 7am this up at 11am, went to to work in an hour or get the picture...

Lines are going ok...I'm not really making an effort to learn them, but they're sinking in anyway...and the other Grand Vizier (there are two casts) has dropped out, so hopefully my nutty friend Rowan will do it...if not...I'll do the lot hehe...


In the meantime, I'm listening to a cd that is very very precious to my heart, and making lots of phone calls (happy face)(cryptic references, eh? Hehehehe!!)...

I'll leave you with that...unless I make a friends only post...when I have more time...

*grins happily at 'Caligari'*

*exeunt stage left*

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