Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
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Worn out, but happy nevertheless...

Was on the phone for simply hours last night...good good conversation...

Consequently woke up late at ten to ten...due to be in rehearsals at 10...very nearly late...

...had to grab whatever was to hand and ended up going out the door to the taxi in blue jeans (yuck), an old t-shirt, no socks...and no keys either. Oops!

Was in rehearsal 10am to 5pm...hordes of unruly 8-14 year olds all on stage at once...directors I just got on with my own job and worked damn hard too...

Collected by the parents, now I'm at theirs about to have a cup of tea and spend a couple of hours swearing at my cello...


Off to drink tea...

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