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In which I officially declare hatred of F-bastard Minor!

Didn't wake up till 2pm today...went up to my parents to practice the cello piece I rather stupidly put myself up for playing...

Damn it...not only was my stupid cello a semitone out in tuning, so I've had to rework all the fingering...but because of this it makes it EVEN harder to play, (it's in F-bastard Minor) and I'm not entirely convinced I'm going to be happy with it by 26th October:/

Unless I can dig about and find my old pile of exam pieces or I drastically improve my bowing/tone etc I think I might just give up:/

Practised for about 3 hours at mothers, and also went through some old photos...spent a good half hour snuzzling my kitty Chloe...

'C' is black with white socks and a chin dribble...had her since she was a kitten and used to sit inside my shirt...the sort of soff kitty who will gently hold your fingers with her half-stretched claws and purr when you bury your face in her side...

Tiger (aka Yellow) sat and stared with saucer eyes as usual on the other hand...she is such a stupid cheshire cat...I think too much light gets into her head.

Had some tea at mothers and got dropped home, minus my mobile at 8pm is supposed to be dropping it over later when he gets back from his hotel piano playing which he does most saturdays...he's playing Glen Miller's Moonlight Serenade at a funeral on bizarre a choice is that hehe!!!

Anyway, I should be learning lines as I'm in rehearsal from 10am to 5pm tommorrow...should go get on with it really...

Ta-ta for now!


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