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*ridiculous grin*

The singing last night was a laugh...very amateur setup...but the heart was in it. Took my father with me to sing tenor, and ended up recording tenor, alto and soprano lines myself. As this is a 'local' idea from one of my theatre friends, there were some very 'local' voices...I just think I sounded like my mother lolol...

(dangerously operatic)

Got home at about 11pm, and had a very pleasant evening finishing off the wine, and on the phone for ages 'etc etc', then went to bed at 1am and fell fast asleep exhausted...

Now I'm only just up, drinking coffee, and thinking happy thoughts.

Going out at about 11/12 to pay some bills (thanks mother) and go to a costume design lecture at the art gallery in town. Should be interesting, might take my sketchbook...

Off now...
Hooble toodle doo!!

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