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Slightly drunk...

Danced loads...Nephilim, Sisters, Visage, Bauhaus, Soft Cell (sex dwarf= me like it hehe), Killing Joke (Love Like Blood...another one I adore!)...all the classics!!

...and Rossetta Stone, Merry Thoughts, NIN and more...and tons of industrial...(plus the token punk half-hour bleh!)


Smoked too much, talked too much...wore too little...

Black satin corset and black satin bra...long black skirt and mary janes...but it looked VERY good...and I behaved as usual.

All in all, had a fantastic night out!

wildgift93 enjoyed herself as well...and we talked to one of my fetish friends (Mistress Sapphire/etc etc) for most of the night...he was dancing around like a mentalist in a tartan miniskirt/kilt all night too hehe

wildgift93 and I took some photos before we went out, which I will put up later most likely...but here's a couple of crap webcam ones to show my fringe hehe. Everybody loved it!

Lawrence (DJ Stealth) (?!?) says hello btw!!

*waves for Lawrence to 'someone we both know'*


Lah and Si played 'Emma' at the end of the night...god I love that track!!!

And thankyou to Nick...who I owe 2 pounds sixty for the taxi home...I hate being broke at the end of the month!

Don't go blind living room is currently lit with a 40 watt bulb (since I blew the 100 watt one)...and it's 3:30am.

I need Pizza...and I need sleep...

UPDATE: It's Monday morning, 2am...I just looked at these photos again...oh dear god no...they make me look awful...not much like me at all...and a bit fatter than I really am too:/ I blame the hair, the webcam and the fact I was pissed...still too late to take em down now everyones seen 'em...damn damn!

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