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It's Friday AGAIN?? ALREADY????

Just woke up. It's almost 5pm...and I don't really know how I managed it...I intended to get up and go in town...and to my mother's to use her sewing machine...


Theatre last night was most enjoyable...worked through some bits of script and did some group singing exercises, hopefully it should be cast by the end of next week...

Then to work. Thursday Night is Duty Obs night...and I was hoping to go home at there wasn't a lot of mail coming in on the system...but then it all sped up again at about ten to four, and they didn't let us go till 5. I went slightly barmy staring at the Obs (observations) screens by then...I sit and watch how much is coming in, and on what program...and tell the teams which one to go into accordingly. Fun! The Power!!

So by 5am I was telling the screens in an 'Allo 'Allo accent..."You vil let us go. I vil not be heppy if you do not do zis...I vant to go is not fair Renee" etc etc...I also spent about 3 hours doing a pencil drawing of an elephant in my sketchbook...and I was COVERED in pencil...lots of fun shading with an 8B hehe...

So I got home at 5...sat on the comp till 7am (as if I couldn't get enough of staring at monitors)...then went to bed.

I'm off out tommorrow...

It's another Black Catz goth night at Tramps...woo hoo!!

Btw...wildgift93...what time shall I come up to yours tommorrow then?


Oh!! And I've just read on darktor's journal...


...but I think my sis and I are a bit old to play 'Doctor and the Dalek' these days...I used to wear my dads hat and scarf and be Tom Baker...she'd be the dalek in a big laundry basket and a plunger. She'd always lose, cause I'd run upstairs hehehe...

I can't wait!! 2005!!!!!?????!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I'll be (counts on fingers)...31!:/


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