Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

It is Thursday isn't it?

My alarm clock seriously needs to be replaced. I am too good at messing it up while I'm half-asleep.

For example, I just got up, and have found, to my delight, that it is only 3pm. I have time, (I thought I was running late) to go to the shop, go online AND be in time for theatre...

I thought it was about 5pm...and that I would have to rush...

Why? I'd screwed up my clock so much that it reads 7pm...and I was unsure how far I'd put it on accidentally. Stupid thing.

*adds it to next paycheque shopping list*

I want one that plays cds, and birdsong, and EVERYTHING!!

(making me tea would be nice!)

Well, I got home at 1:40 this morning, as I took a half-day holiday from work...caught up on laundry (nearly), made a sausage casserole, and went to bed at 5am. I think I've slept enough, tho I was tempted, upon seeing it was only 3, to sneak back in for another half an hour.

But I've made myself a coffee and sat down here, so HA!

Ok, I'm off. Laundry, shop, town, theatre.


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