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I'm supposed to be at theatre, but I overslept due to a really odd of those ones that feels real and stays in the air when you wake up... I'm generally unsettled and have a vague headache and a very stiff neck.

It's so damn COLD!!!

I think I went under the duvet for warmth/hibernation and ran out of oxygen...

So no theatre. I have, however, emailed some stuff...

This is truly horrific:

And I have to find some funereal music to play on my cello whilst corseted and wearing not much else...the idea is: here comes near-naked female to do a strip...oh whoops! She's going to make us all depressed instead with a very sad cello piece...

Frankly, I'll be more scared about getting my cello-playing right than about what people think of what I'm (not) wearing...hopefully it won't be ready in time hehe...


I'm going to wear my 'teddybear outfit' to work's a big dark grey fakefur duffle coat with chinese toggles and a big cosy hood. It belongs to my mother...she bought it over 30 years ago (by 'English Lady')...but I pilfered it. I love it so much that the lining is knackered and there's no pockets left...but it's so lovely to sleep under too...


Tweazled from elves_uk:

You Are A Changeling
Take the World of Darkness Quiz
by David J Rust


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