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I'm all cranky because I just woke up and I wanted to go in town.

My alarm clock is really f**king's one of those cheapo 5 quid jobs, that's not even 24hr...just has a dot in the bottom left to indicate it's afternoon...and the alarm set/time set buttons are too close together on the right on top of the thing. When I wake up half asleep and put the alarm on another hour I always bugger it up and mess up the clock settings as well...

...and the godawful meep meep racket it makes drives me insane...waking up to that noise makes me grrr so much at it that I swear at it and call it names....then put the time on the alarm out of spite, so that I can sleep a bit more after being so rudely disturbed.

/rant off.

I've had a cup of tea, I'm sort of awake...and I'm beginning to settle a bit now.

Not sure if I can be arsed going out tonight...might do tommorrow...and just spend some time banging nails in walls to hang pictures, or doing a bit of drawing/reading this evening instead.


Oh, and the later series of The Hoobs is currently airing on C4. They've changed their voices...they don't sound hooby-groovy enough's pissing me off.

*wanders off*

Screw my promise not to do any quizzes for a week... :

The Potion Maker
vampgirlium is a milky, runny puce gel obtained from the pollen of a honeysuckle.
Mix with vampgirl! Username:
Yet another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern

Oh...and here's that pic I drood when ah wuz pissed on mead the other weekend...


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