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Friday! Roll on the weekend!

I don't know why the weekend should be 'rolled on', but I hope it's an enjoyable experience! last night (rehearsal for the christmas show) went fantastically!!

We started up by playing 'Go!' one of the usual warm-up games...

(I'm compiling a doc here for my future reference...)


Warm-up exercises

Stick in the Mud : Someone is on, if they tag you, stand with your legs wide apart and someone else can free you by crawling through your to shout 'I'm dead!' when you get tagged, and 'I'm alive!' when you get rescued...

Huggems : Like tag, but you are only safe if you are in a FULL body people have to be aware of others being singled out. It's a game of team support, not of escape from whoever is 'on'. Start it off with being safe in a hug of two people...then make it harder/more supportive, by making it a hug of three people, four etc etc.

Ice-breaker/Name remembering exercises

'Go!' : We all stand in a circle, someone says their name and points at someone else, making eye contact, then walks towards them...person being walked towards has to make eye contact with someone else, say their own name...walk toward them...blah blah...

(This can be altered as you go, so that instead of saying your name, you can say the person you are walking to's name...or you can point and say 'go!'...then play about with diff. intentions such as an angry 'go' (fucking get out of here, go on!), or an apologetic 'go!' (I'm terribly sorry, but would you mind moving?)...great fun...

Chaos Game : Begins a bit like 'GO!'...but is played on three levels which are built up as you go until all three are operating at once, in total chaos...hence the name...

1. Say persons name, making eyecontact, without moving they make eyecontact with someone else and say that persons name...this continues until there is a definate order of who has that everyone remembers it you must run through each sequence several times.

2. Say a different persons name (order of names must be different for each sequence), making eyecontact, and walking towards them. Do this sequence several times so that everyone knows who they are walking to etc.

3. Involve a ball. Say yet another different persons name and throw the ball to them...this continues until there is a definite sequence which is memorised.

Then run 1 alone, then run 1 and 2, then once that is suitably 1, 2 and 3 together. Chaos!!

Improv/Anti-blocking exercises

(we did these last night...they were great fun...

Gifts :
1. Two players, labelled A and B.
A gives B a gift...but before B can open it, they very exitedly tell B what it is...all pleased, but it's not necessarily something good - even so, B has to be positive about it.

(I was given a three month old kipper)

2. B gives A a gift...but A has to decide what it is on opening it...and has to be thoroughly disappointed. (Y-fronts)...

This is an exercise in 'going with' that players learn to go with an idea/text they have been given in improv and not block it and therefore refuse to cooperate...(if that makes any sense)

The Box: (visualisation/focus exercise)
A and B face each other.
A has a tiny (mimed/imagined) box...puts it somewhere...floor, air...wherever...
B picks it up and places it somewhere else...this cycles until both are focused and coordinated with where box goes/size of box etc etc...

It is important to involve your entire body in this...not just standing up all the time sticking the box on an imagined shelf in front/next to you...remember pictorial layers.

Small box can then be changed by the director into a long thin stick...then a wobbly/bendy stick...ball of (I buried it)...tarantula (that was fun:/)...anything you like.

Walking with intention :
A walks towards B acting with an intention (elated, depressed, injured etc)...B walks towards A at the same time, from across the room (A's on one side, B's on the other)...acknowledging A's behaviour/mood and reacts accordingly, building on what is happening as they walk past each other.

This can be left to the individual to play (I had a hole in my hand done with a pair of scissors...which, when I took my finger off, spouted blood everywhere in an arterial way)...

Mirroring/Walking with intention :

Director tells A and B that they are both cowboys/in love/robots/whatever...and they cross the room towards and past each other...but both mirroring/keeping to the same posturing/behaviour of their partner.

I have more exercises in my head...but that's enough for now. Might post more as they come to me...

Anyway, following that, we worked in groups of 7 on one of the stories that will be in the show...about Finn Mac Cool

In one legend, he is the creator of the Giant's Causeway, a peculiar series of volcanic rock formations on the coast of Ireland. One day, Finn grows angry when he hears that a Scottish giant is mocking his fighting ability. He throws a rock across the Irish Sea to Scotland; the rock includes a challenge to the giant.

The Scottish giant quickly throws a message in a rock back to Finn, stating he can't take up the challenge because he can't swim to reach Ireland.

Finn doesn't let the Scottish giant off so easily. He tears down great pieces of volcanic rock that lay near the coast and stands the pieces upright, making them into pillars that form a causeway that sretches from Ireland to Scotland. The giant now has to accept the challenge. He comes to Finn's house. Finn, masquerading as a 18-foot baby, bites the Scottish giant's hand and then chases him back to Scotland, flinging huge lumps of earth after him. One of the large holes he creates fills with water and becomes Lough Neagh, the largest lake in Ireland. One large lump of earth misses the giant and falls into the Irish Sea; this lump is now known as the Isle of Man.

Needless to say, we had great fun with it...and one 'scottish giant' even had a Sean Connery-style accent hehe...

Then off to which I did a costume design or two...and sat bored on duty obs all night (which is why I compiled a list of theatre games for future reference lol)...

Slept till 4:30...messed up my alarm clock somehow...and I'm off to the shop in a mo.


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