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*streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetcccccccchhhh* and I'm off to theatre again...

Had a good rehearsal/devise session at theatre last night...if not a little depressing...

Did all the usual frenetic warm-up games, and then went on to some group devises in groups of 3 ppl on the subject of death...this premise being that there was a recently/not-so recently deceased in our midst...

...I ended up re-enacting an 'RTA' (which was the name of our group)...performing cpr in a blind panic with another woman, and a guy who kept throwing up everytime we finished doing the chest presses and went to do the emergency rescue breaths...other groups ended up doing really good (named 'Lapin') performed a 1 minute ceremony on the anniversary of a dead bunny, and another (alibi) did a very funny conversation/argument between 3 people in a car (1 driver, 2 passengers) who had just run someone over, and were trying to get their story straight...was all quite fun hehe...

Then we moved on to a bit of person wandering up and down full of the joys of life, and several people creeping in, to kill him in various ways...I got to him first and stabbed him in the stomach with a knife, then drank his blood...

Following that, we worked on breaking up rhythm (tonally and with body movement), and some word dis-association with 'death'...death is like a bucket because...and a conversation about death without saying the word...which ended up being a conversation about trying to climb up a wire in an elevator shaft, but it was too hot, and cut your hands...but everyone was desperate to get to the top...interesting that...I wonder if hell was below in everyone's heads...

Then it got a bit depressing, and the energy within the group went whoomph straight through the floor...

We sat in a circle and went round relating experiences we had of death in our personal lives...everything from dead goldfish to actually watching parents was a very intimate experience...and we had a positive feedback about it afterwards...but the experience itself was very weird guy told us about a time when he'd gone on a pheasant shoot, and had to kill the injured birds after...there was one that wouldn't die...and they spent about half an hour beating it with "a whacking great stick"...but no-one wanted to actually touch it and twist its neck...he got very agitated and borderline tearful in the re-telling.

...and other, quite uplifting stories of watching family members the moment they died a lot of people experienced/mentally saw their loved ones spirits depart in a form of curve from their mouths...if that makes any sense...and their experiences with seeing them after the embalmers had put all the makeup and stuff on for the funeral...that they 'weren't there' and it was just a shell...

...the whole experience left me a bit low, if that's the right word...I didn't have the usual 'great theatre session' euphoria to take to work with me...but, despite that, it was an extremely productive theatre session once again, and we certainly have found the direction that the next Weird Cabaret will go...a celebration of life alongside the morbidity of death lol!!

I have to find a piece of funeral music to play on my 'cello whilst wearing a corset now fun!!

Anyway, I have to run to the shop, then I'm off to rehearsals for the christmas show. Spoke to Meyer/Maia/I can't remember how her name is spelt...and I will also be working on costumes and scenery for that...there's some workshops/costuming talks coming up at the local museum, so I shall probably go to those.

Coffee calls!!


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