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Ahh lovely...

Liver was delicious if I dare say so I cooked it hehe.

Just had a nice long bath with a Lush Bath Bomb (Karma) so now everywhere inc. me smells perfectly heavenly...tho I don't think I should have submerged my head and got it in my hair as it is all essential oils and stuff...

My flatmate just had a quick shave and has 're-styled' his beard so he now looks EXACTLY like Johnny Depp (swoon @ J.Depp) as Cap'n Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean...has the hair, eyes, etc, he has the beard lol!

Takes me back to many happy hours looting the silver train and plundering all the ships off Tortuga and the other caribbean islands when we were playing Sid Meier's 'Pirates' back on the old Amiga 1200 in about 1997!!! Which, incidentally, is due to have a brand new version out sometime next year... to dry my karma-scented hair and make a cup of tea...

Bye! ;-)

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