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Missed Parties and Kitty Tickling...

All that time I spent doing sweet FA on the comp last night...and boring you all to tears (and myself) with random quizzage and rambling...I could have spent it at a party!!

One of my friends rang me this afternoon and told me what a riot it was...and about his drugged antics and the rest...well dammit!! I totally forgot that the party at one of my workmates houses was on for this weekend...

...what with getting up late yesterday, going in to see the neighbour, and kitty fun etc...the party went entirely out of my stupid fell out the back I think.

Ho hum. I expect I shall hear all about it at work on Monday. In a way, I'm sort-of glad I didn't go...from what I heard I'd probably have ended up being mum and sorting out drugged individuals (who shall remain nameless) anyway.

Yes, I believe staying in was, in the end, the better option. And at least I'm not hungover now...

I slept fairly well (apart from a dream in which Jui-ehh!! had chickenpox) and went to the neighbour's to feed Marshall. Marshall and I played together for about 45 mins, I fed him and gave him a brush, then we bid farewell to each other (I dived out while he was he was unaware of my exit). I shall go in and feed/play with him again tommorrow morning. Yippee!!

Well, I had an idea for an LJ rant/topic...but I'm going to leave it till later...perhaps formulate my opinions a bit more before I set to typing faster than my brain can think.

And, I promise, no more quizzes this week...

...well, only one...but it will be purely to illustrate a point in my topic either later on tonight or tommorrow.




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