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Cats and stuff

I'm going to be looking after the next door neighbours cat for 5 days or so...

He's a big fat black and white cat called Marshall...a house cat...and he's absolutely lovely!!

I'm going to feed him and play with him for about an hour each day and make sure that he's happy and well while she's in London...I'm going to have so much fun!

I'll love him, and hug him, and squeeze him, and call him George!!

(I'm not barking mad today...that's a quote from a Bugs Bunny cartoon with the abominable snowman)

Anyway...I'm going to go and clean the kitchen in a minute, and cook some chilli mince and jacket potatoes.

Me hungry.

Oh, and sirmankey!!! I beat Wattson in the electric gym!!! I have my third gym badge now! It took me about 5 failed attempts at it...and I finally won with everybody fainted but Minun, and Minun only had 2hp left with a final Quick Attack and I did it!!! My heart was racing, I can tell you!!!


Ta ta!

wildgift93 sent me this:


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