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Hello. For those of you who may be wondering where I've been... or not...

My wonderful chronic illness finally caught up with me sometime around 2018 and I completely stopped performing live. Miss Von Trapp went back in her coffin and i've mostly been focussing on managing ill health and then... just when I was ready to be going out of the haus and all... Covid struck.

I had already been hausbound since May 2019 and given up real work at the end of the year... and I was just getting used to the idea of going out when we went into lockdown.

Couldn't have timed it better. At least I was already a pro at notgoingout...

So I've mostly been making stupid videos to entertain myself and anyone else who happened to be around online and doing up a dollshouse and attending a virtual zoom pain management course and finding other things to do to increase my happy.

One of things that has increased my happy is coming to terms with the fact that I've not been able to perform or do anything much for the last nearly 4 years and that I can do other things that give me amusement. So I've been playing around with new personas...

Those who know me since this journal started in 2003 (wow!} will remember when it was VampGirl 1994 to 2004, well, Miss Von Trapp has had her time now 2006 to 2017/8 and now it's time to move on.

Like a regeneration... How many Doctors have we had in that time?

So, as caterpillar is to pupae is to MOTH.

I am now identifying as Lizzi Von DooLittle. Basically the non-binary matriarch of VG, MVT, Lucinda Seams, Nanny McNeedAPee, Mrs Hair (with Berk), The Childcatcher, Missy, Mrs Lovett, Little Red, Katie Boosh, Tena Penny and any other new identities I feel like dressing up as for my own entertainment.

As you were...

And if I do eventually see you around... Wouldn't it be lahvly!!

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