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Massive Blog Catchup Part Two: Mid June to August (Phew!)

And so it continued...

Toward the end of June, we had the Rogues Gallery Tour visiting Brixham Theatre in the pretty little fishing port of the same name where I bought a Ken Rogers tricycle the year before...  It was hot, it was humid. It was weather - not just the atmosphere in the dressing room... and equally so onstage under the lights... I had the honour of gracing the stage with The Mysterious Freakshow once again for a duet of Alone (that's TWICE TICKED!) and also for a short set of my own material which went down tremendously well amongst performances from GurdyBird, Cherry V'edore, Marc Lobb, Angelique Dominique, Luna L'amour, The Copperfield Ensemble Project, Lord DaDa and more all compered by the ever capable Fantastic Ms Fanny. What a mahvellous audience!

I'm not alooooone....

Think that's me doing Favourite Things. Not sure.

And then also in June (i think) I played the Tavistock Edge Fringe Festival in St Eustachius Church Graveyard.  A beautiful setting and a beautiful audience who were in fine lungs and joined me for 45 minutes of family friendly singalong material.  I LOVE YOU!!

And then...

Up to Wanstrow for their first ever Steampunk Gathering - which was a huge success! Again, I played a 30 minute set which went down very well, and had a lot of fun with The Wattingers and Kiss Like Ether - who were extremely very brilliant and I am looking forward to performing with again...

Also I lost at tea duelling (but I only did it for a free cuppa) and compered the evening and hosted the raffle. Which seemed to take a looong time with a very deep top hat full of tickets.  Brilliant fun and I hope to do it again next year.

Here's me being an idiot in selfie mode with Martin Wattinger and Kiss Like Ether...

And here's me in full flow. Probably a clotted cream moment.

Oh yes and now we are nearly caught up...

Except that this last weekend I have had masses of fun inna field in Wales at Phoenix Alternative Festival. There was music from so many good people that I can't name all of them but: Daniel Malheur, BB Blackdog, Birthrite, The King Bains, The Wattingers, GurdyBird, The Copperfield Ensemble Project, Red Ruff, Metropolis, Lord Montague Jacques Fromage: Steampunkfunk Bizarre, The Dark Design, Experimental Sonic Machines, Driven Serious, The Big Fibbers and more... There was burlesque and performance from Titi Von Tranz, Jezebel Steele, Juul and La Dutchessa, Scarlett Butterfly and more... There was the Time Travelling Tea Tent, a costume competition, parasol duelling, Star Wars Steampunk'd... So much to do and see...

And I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with many many people and also the bar with the others.  I played both stages and made lots of new fiends and quality time with long term old fiends as well.  Much gin was drunk, much silliness was had, much sleep was lacked...

I performed in the Late Night Cabaret Show after Doctor and the Medics on Saturday night, then I was up partying till 4am and failed to sleep and then a 1.30pm show on the main stage the following afternoon which went down brilliantly...

It was the best holidah I have had in ages and I AM GOING BACK NEXT YEAR. Oh Yes!

Here's me in the bar at stupid o'clock in the morning with Lord Montague Jacques Fromage III and that Clive chappy from Doctor and the Medics. Oops.

And GurdyBird tooting at me caught on an actual polaroid camera!

If you want more pictures to nosey through and whatnot go and have a look at where I have very sensibly put everything into albums with everything in.

Go on. You know you want to.

Next post... future plans for the year.


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