Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

Massive Catchup Part One: Merry May to Mid June...

The Merry Month of May continued (after The Wattingers and I broke Crouch End on the 2nd) with me hosting a cemetery tour and performing at a church mission fundraiser all on the same day just a week later... Needless to say I did not lose anyone into freshly dug graves and even managed to eat vast quantities of MASSIVE Battenburg in the evening after I had performed.

I would call that a success...

Then later in the same month I travelled the furthest I have travelled for a gig yet. Plymouth to Morecambe with The Copperfield Ensemble Project for A Splendid Day Out Weekender and the evening masked ball!

As you can see from the photo above, not only did I perform a rollicking good 45 minute set with Have A Pie as an encore, but I added ANOTHER BAND TO MY PERFORMER WISHLIST - after Professor Elemental of course. Twice.  And The Wattingers earlier this year in March.

This time it was The Copperfield Ensemble Project.

I stood in for Hannah on cello for them and played another 45 minutes (with gaps) sight reading her music as she couldn't come. It was a lot of fun... after which I finally got round to eating my dinner at midnight with a few gins to wash it down - as you can tell from the group photo of me and some of The Copperfield Ensemble Project below. Oops.

Not long after Morecambe, along came June. Funny that. With my 41st birthday on the 9th and a jolly good excuse to celebrate it on the 13th...

Crouch End DecoDanse, Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre. Hosted by Dis Charge and performances from Marcella Puppini, Joe Black, Velma Von Bon Bon, Fifi Croissant, Oh Carolina, Arran Shurvinton, ME, Carmen Monoxide, The Mysterious Freakshow AND The Copperfield Ensemble Project...

IT WAS MAHVELLOUS. I went there and back onna first class train with my muse and had an awful lot of fun with a brilliant audience. It was completely sold out and they were having to turn people away sadly so I do hope we can do it again for those who missed such an entertaining evening.

And I got to perform inna show with Joe Black and Marcella Puppini who were also on my wishlist AND do not one but two duets with The Mysterious Freakshow.


As you can see above, it was quite crowded in the dressing room so not everybody got into the photo. Bother.

Below is an excellent shot taken by my muse... which perfectly expresses my views on the current election results. But was actually a shot of the end of the worm song. It's my new favourite picture.

And this was barely the beginning of June, being only the 13th... More shenanigans and band wishlists IN THE NEXT POST.



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