Lizzi Von DooLittle (vondoolittle) wrote,
Lizzi Von DooLittle

The need for Positive Change: Turning anger into action...

Realistically. All this anger at the current government and sharing things with disgust on facebook is getting us nowhere. Right now I am feeling more than a little powerless with it all.  So what can we sensibly do about it over the next five years?

We can start by clearing up our own backyard so to speak. The world may be an ashtray but if every individual keeps their own corner spotless it won't be half as grubby. Be positive. Be optimistic. Do our best and utmost to support and look after our friends and family and everyone we meet as we travel through life... Lead by example. Love our fellow men and women. Consider the wider impact of our words and actions. Shine as an individual and it will have a knock on effect with others.

If we can all do this then with hope things will change. Do what you can when you can and Be Most Excellent To Each Other.

We have five years to turn around the anger and apathy of our society. Five years to get people engaged and burning for positive change...

And I think before anyone incites people to get into political protest we have to address fundamentally the apathy and blame culture this society has developed.  Value people as individuals. As human beings. Not just political statistics. We had the result we had largely because people no longer feel they have an impact so didn't bother voting.

Everyone has an impact. Even in the ocean. Not just small ponds. But you have to start somewhere and giving people value and helping people to not feel worthless is the starting point for everyone.

Doesn't help me any with getting hauswerk done but politically I am more motivated thinking this than constantly dwelling on all the current misery. Dwelling on the negative doesn't get things changed. Action does.  Plus finding dark humour in things helps. Writing those Frozen parodies the other day got a bit of it out cathartically ;)

And on the subject of mass media? Ah the great engine of propaganda!  Four legs good two legs baaad! ! think that comes to basically educating people at ground level not to believe everything they read or see. Educating people to form their own ideas from all aspects. But let's tackle the disillusionment of the masses first and get people actively supporting each other...

It boils down to this:

A person cannot even begin to consider politics or policies if they are unable to feed or clothe their family. If they are on their own in a sinking ship they will drown. If, on the other hand, a friend is able to help with the daily grind and sort them for food and clothes or whatever then they will have the freedom to turn their minds to other matters. Enabling people! Motivation!!  ...and politics cannot come before that.

We all need to be that friend to everyone. It's all very well entertaining thoughts of running away and living in a Kibbutz right now but we already live in one and it's called Earth. Yes I am an idealistic hippy but it's true...

Use your talents. Those in a position to take action should be doing just that. Be part of the community action. Talk to people. Talk to MPs. First and foremost though - remember to look after and support your fellow man.

Actions speak louder than words or rhetoric. Be awesome.

For the want of a nail the battle will NOT be lost.

So its time to light a fire and let your little light shine!!

Love you all xxxxx


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